A quick hello and welcome!

I feel like my first post should be an introduction. So hi!
I’m a runner. I’d like to think I’m a lot of things, but when people ask me about myself I inexplicably begin telling them about my next race, my sore feet and my desperate desire to get another team member for Team Puddle Pirates. My love for running is so intense that I just assume everyone feels the same and if they don’t I believe I am the one that will convert them. Believe me I’ve probably driven many a coworker nuts.
So I want my blog to inspire people to lace up and get out. Even if it’s a slow walk or an all out sprint, nothing compares to the feeling at the end of that run when you can say ‘yup I did it’.
I began running 11 years ago in a last ditch effort to lose weight, but to be honest I started as a way to cope. I was 21 and had recently had a miscarriage…a pregnancy I hadn’t planned on but that didn’t make the loss any less. I’m not going to lie. Learning to run isn’t easy…at all, but it’s worth it. When I began I could maybe run for a minute then I would be gasping for air and stumbling around wanting nothing more to collapse on the sidewalk. Thankfully I had a dog named Chloe. A gift from my father when I told him I was pregnant, she kept me going. That crazy dog loved to run! Like a maniac. Before long I was running a mile easily and then 6 miles. Just me and buddy Chloe out on the roads. November 2004 I made a life altering decision and enlisted in the United States Coast Guard.

I will close this post here and I hope to have piqued your interest and you’ll come back for more!!!


3 thoughts on “A quick hello and welcome!

  1. Hi. Thanks for following by blog. Sounds like you are in running for the long haul. That’s a good thing. When I was somewhere around 40, I decided I wanted to still be running when I was 80. I never decided to make it a lifelong activity, but now I describe it as “something I have always done.” Not quite true, but I’m closing in on 60 years. I like your enthusiasm. Keep it up.

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