My 5 favorite things about long runs.

1. The sense of accomplishment when I stop. Especially when I look at the map of my route. Sometimes I've run through multiple towns. My record is 6 right now.

2. I love love love proving myself wrong. A year ago if you had told me I would run 15 miles….just because I could I wouldn't have believed you. Knowing that I will constantly push my body to new limits excites me.

3. When I run for a long period of time I feel like I enter a whole different world. I have the ability to tune out the world and all my problems and just listen to my body.

4. So pretty much when I run for like 2 hours or more I feel like it gives me the right to eat….A LOT. I mean when I burn 1300 plus calories the rest of the day I am truly playing catch up. Honestly I'm pretty much always hungry. Always. Yes this includes pizza cheese and delicious Apothic Dark wine.



5. This one will sound strange….but the soreness the next day. It’s like a subtle reminder that yes I did something hard the day before. Sometimes I’ve run further than most people drive. So there!

Until next time!!



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