30 minutes to frostbite

Well they say frostbite is a real possibility after about thirty minutes in the cold. So obviously I will be outside and running. I was wise enough to skip yesterday since the winds were just too much. Of course I made this decision after much debating back and forth. I really wanted to run, my boyfriend said I’d be crazy if I did. Clearly he doesn’t know that all runners have just a hint of crazy in them.

My brother and his girlfriend are here visiting so of course I dragged them to a Bikram Yoga class with me. If you stay in my house that is pretty much a requirement. The only person I don’t hold to this is my mother, who could probably benefit the most from it. Oh well. After a nice hot class which his girlfriend loved, I took them to the local candy shop. Because what better way to recover than with chocolate! I bought this little gem….it’s like a peppermint patty but shaped like a heart. Yay V-day candy on clearance. Now I really have to run!


After they got on the road back to Virginia I prepared myself for a run. It’s currently 13 degrees but feels like 0 with the wind. So lots of layers topped off with my new iGloves I got in this month’s Stridebox and I was ready to go.


I have to admit the first half mile or so my inner voice was telling me to just turn around and go home, but I ignored her like I usually do. Ok so I said I like running in the snow which is very much a true statement but the snow/slush/ice combo not so much. Especially when not everyone in Merchantville was kind enough to shovel their sidewalks. I’m always cautious about sidewalks that are covered….there could be an unseen dip or rise and next thing you know you’re careening into oncoming traffic. This is a thought I have now and then. Sometimes it’s easier to take my chances running on the road (always against the flow of oncoming traffic of course). Today people were surprisingly polite and many stopped to let me cross streets….I love it when that happens. I did a total of 4.25 miles and no, no frostbite. Although my sweat was freezing to my face towards the end of my run. I kept a decent pace of 9:30 as my average….considering the slush and all that, I’m pleased. An added bonus the fresh tattoo I got didn’t hurt all, mostly because I don’t swing my arms all over the place so my elbow was ok. Thank God! Yoga was a challenge this morning with a swollen and tender elbow.


Yoga and a run wasn’t enough for me though…..my brother lent me his copy of Insanity Asylum. Holy crap…that dvd is intense! The agility ladder is an added challenge that up until today I had never encountered. I survived the work out. The real test will be if I can walk down the stairs in the morning!


Now that I’ve had my tasty pineapple cucumber Apple ginger juice in nun mustache glass I can get on to the rest of my Monday off.

Until next time be safe everyone and Happy Presidents Day



3 thoughts on “30 minutes to frostbite

  1. How did I not know Stridebox was a thing? I’ve heard of Loot Crate but a running-themed version is awesome! Is it supplement heavy, though? I’m not big on running supplements. Honey does the trick for me.


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