Races for 2015

Last year I went a little crazy and signed up for way too many races. This year I am trying to be a little wiser. Here’s a list of some of the races I plan on running this year….

1. The Love Run

This is the second time I’ll run this race. Last year I had a team of 18 called the Puddle Pirates, that I had harassed into running it with me. We were so close to getting a tent!!! We only needed 2 more people. After 13.1 miles in the rain I ran a PR of 1:57. I took almost 20 minutes of my half marathon time. This year I’m running again kind of as a redemption, a chance for me to run in better weather, to see if some of the things that were, for lack a better word, crappy, will be better this year. Plus I want to take another 5 minutes off my time.

2. Charlie Horse Half
Another race that I will be running for the second time. This one is rough…..it is pretty much mountains and I wasn’t at all prepared. Took me about 3 hours to finish this one. Between the mud, black flies and impressive elevation changes I was pleased to be done. I knew as soon as I stopped though that I would be coming back again for this one. Plus at $35 you can’t beat it. I’ve also talked 2 other people into joining me and I didn’t sugar coat the race. So I’m not the only crazy one.

IMG_1727 This was me and my friend running this last year….she will not be running with me this year since she is all the way on the west coast. 😞

3. Stroehmann Back On My Feet In24

I am doing the team 24 hour relay. This will be awesome! I just know it…..I’ll most likely do the Lone Ranger next year. I’m currently trying to round up another 2 people for my team of 5. I did the midnight madness run last year and I highly recommend this race. It’s an amazing vibe and an even better cause. If you don’t believe me check them out http://www.backonmyfeet.org

4. Warrior Dash
The will be my fourth Warrior Dash….hands down my favorite mud run. I’ve done a few others and have been unimpressed. Warrior Dash kept us all safe while still making the race a challenge and fun. Anyone looking for a mud run to try….you can’t go wrong with this one!

5. The 9/11 Heroes
This is just a 5K but I love it. They do an amazing job putting it together and I love the sense of community at the race. It may be my favorite race.

5. The Sloppy Cuckoo 12 Hour Challenge

Another awesome race. I ran it last year with my brother and a coworker. I ran 40 miles last year. This year….50 miles. They have an awesome group of volunteers and the aid stations have the best food. Plus the price is great….$69 if you sign up prior to June 15 2015.

6. Marine Corp Marathon
This one I’m not sure about….I’ve been told if you only plan on running one marathon in your life this is the one to choose. Registration for active duty military opens next Monday and is discounted. I have a few more days to make a decision.

Of course there may be a few more here and there….but these are the big ones. The red letter races….. Hopefully my training will be injury free and I will get to run each of these as best as I can.


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