Voluntary Snow Day


So got the text and phone call that work was on a two hour delay. Gotta love being a day worker sometimes! Of course this didn’t mean I’d get the chance to sleep in. Sleeping past six a.m. is just a fantasy right now with a four and a half month old puppy. All I have to say is thank goodness she’s cute.

I went outside to a nice blanket of pretty white snow. Once the sun came up I did the only logical thing. I got dressed for a run. With about five or six inches of snow on the ground I was pretty much high stepping the entire run. I’m proud to say I only slipped a couple times. I got more than a few looks from people out shoveling but whatever. Clearly they have never experienced the pure joy of running in the snow, the crunch of it under your feet. The stillness of it all, fine, more sidewalk for me to slip and slide along.
After seeing the conditions of the roads…..plows still haven’t touched my streets I made the decision to stay home. Why be on the road with all the other idiots when I can stay nice and warm in my house.


I ran a 5k at a slower pace than normal but the fact that I went out at all is an accomplishment. I can relax the rest of the day….perhaps I will get around to organizing my workout clothes.

Until next time!



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