For the love of running!!!

I love running. I truly do. Which is why I’ve run when I should have taken a rest day whether that be due to an injury or just too tired. I think it has a lot to do with the feeling I get after. Last winter while training for my first half marathon in a few years I developed a sharp pain in the bottom of my left foot. Now I noticed this pain the second I got out of bed….I looked at my foot, couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. So I went for a run anyways. Six miles later the annoying pain became more than a nuisance. This pain began in December and I didn’t go to a foot doctor until February. Now in my defense this wasn’t all my fault. Being a member of active duty US Coast Guard I am sometimes at the mercy of Tricare…it took awhile to get my referral.
When I finally got in the exam room at the podiatrist they were shocked to hear I had been dealing with pain for six weeks and still running. I informed them that foot pain had been a part of my life for years so I just thought this new pain was something I would have to just accept. After examining my feet for about thirty seconds they informed me I had extremely high arches and very rigid feet. Still not really sure about the rigid foot thing but it was nice to know that the pain I had experienced off and on for years and years wasn’t all in my head. That there was an actual reason. What a relief. I’m sure anyone who is a runner and has experienced some strange ache or pain knows what I mean. So the doc shot me up with some cortisone and stuck me in a boot and told me no running for two weeks.

The doc thought initially that I had a neuroma Turns out after two months of shots, X-rays, pricey custom orthopedic inserts and an MRI that I just have a misformed left foot. The way it was explained to me was that my bones in my toes are just too close together causing extreme pain. The only fix for this is surgery to rebuild the bones in my foot. For me this wasn’t even an option, at least not right now. I may revisit the surgery in a few years.
I’ve listened to friends and fellow runners complaints about this and that hurting. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve avoided all the usual suspects. The knees and hips and shin splints.

My feet are the bane of running existence. I try not to complain too much about them because to this day they still get me from mile one to fifteen and let me be able to still walk the next day.
I’ve tried a variety of shoes….but have finally settled on Asics Gel Kayanos….I need them in a wide because the regular are just too narrow on my left foot and after a week in narrow running shoes I will be hobbling around and near tears. These babies right here have carried me 400+ miles and I am already sad since I know they will need to be retired soon


So I’ll close with this one tip, don’t be like me! If you’re foot, knee or any really any body part is giving you grief don’t put off a visit to the doctor. The sooner you get in there and get fixed the sooner you’ll be back out there tearing up the pavement!

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3 thoughts on “For the love of running!!!

  1. Wow. I can’t imagine running with that amount of pain. I have, since the 1980s only has one “injury” which was a pain in the inner left knee which was put down to my weird running action. Occassionally now I feel it coming back and intentionally raise my left shoulder which lengthens the left half of my body – and the pain (uncomfortableness) goes.
    Finding the right running shoe for yourself and your style is an expensive experiment as I am sure you will know. Again in the 80s I ran in Brooks Trilogy which really suited me. I have tried Nike and Asics but can’t get on with them. i have found that I need a bit of support from over pronating a bit (see above re weird) and have Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14 and they are so good for my feet I have ordered a second pair. I usually have 2 pair on the go and alternate them. As my first pair were blue I was going to go for green for the second pair but found them £20 more expensive!! So will have blue and write “A” and “B” inside somewhere so I know which is which.
    Good luck with the foot
    Clive (RunWelshman)

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