One of those runs…


Today as I sat at work I contemplated running. I had everything I needed….except gloves. I was just about to use this as my out, but thought better of it.
Running in Philly is always an experience. Today with the snow from yesterday on the ground I had to spend the first mile gingerly stepping around puddles and slush and intermittent ice. It was worth it though. It was one of those runs that once I found my rhythm I felt I could go forever. Soon sidewalks began to clear I began looking up instead of down at the ground. Sometimes I think when we run we get so caught up in the actual running part we forget to actually see where we are. We just focus on one foot in front of the other…we all have those days, myself included. Today I was so busy noticing the buildings and the people that the miles piled up quickly. People were smiling and not looking at me like I was a crazy person running in the cold. I used the people around me as a challenge, weaving in and out amongst them and sprinting through the crowds. The red lights were few and far between. It was like God wanted me to run like the wind and kept things from slowing me down.

I love running in Philly….it was one of those runs where on more than one occasion a car actually let me pass. I mean I know that pedestrians have the right of way and all that jazz but it’s Philly so there’s that. As I looked up I was reminded of how rich this city is in history. When I decided that this is where I wanted to transfer back in 2011 I did so without knowing anything about the city. My theory was it was a city, and was steeped in history and culture and it had a baseball team. So off to Sector Delaware Bay I went the spring of 2012.

Today was one of those runs that makes me feel alive and so incredibly grateful to be here in Philadelphia. I felt like I could have gone for hours and still had the energy to run a little more at the end, unfortunately I had to stop at 5 miles. Tonight I will be planning my next run in Philly….which will be tomorrow!



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