The weekend is almost here….hallelujah

I began my day with the best of intentions. I woke up,made some Stack’d protein pancakes….cinnamon roll. Delicious!!! I followed them up with day three of Insanity Asylum strength training. My favorite one so far!!! Minus navigating around a rambunctious puppy who thinks every move I make is some kind of game.


Well today I got a lesson in what not to eat before a run…..
Federal Donuts
They were just so damn good! I thought if I just had a half of one that would satisfy my craving. Nope the chocolate peanut butter led way to the strawberry lavender one. I wish I could have taken a picture but I work in a secure space. I thought to myself I’ll just run a little bit more. I should know better. Then I went back to my office and someone else had brought in Stromboli….I was told it was amazing so of course I had to judge this myself. Two slices later I was able to say with certainty that yes, it was delicious!
I don’t know I which of these delicious treats did this but one of them caused major heartburn for my entire run. Add to that the wind that no matter which way I went seemed to my in my face nonstop I ended up with a nasty side stitch. Ugh I stopped and walked a bit, I’ve learned over the last year that there is no shame in walking. Moving is moving even if it’s not an all out sprint the whole time.
Side stitches suck, a lot. I go through fits and spells battling them. I honestly went months without one at all. Then last week I had one so bad my running partner had to wait for my to stop and try and stretch. Then a quarter mile later I thought the stitch was going to make me throw up. Again I stopped, this time I ignored my friend and instead of stretching I bent over and coughed a few times. The stitch almost completely went away. Now I’m by no means saying this is the cure but it worked for me this time around.

I managed to get in 3.5 miles which left me cold….cold enough that my butt felt numb. Always a pleasant sensation. During my run I found the concrete Dino…I’ve seen him before but I hadn’t really been paying attention to where I was when I saw him the first time. I was way too excited to see him today.



I finished my run back at work and was glad I had run, but I have been slacking on my miles so far this year so starting March 1st I will get serious about training and running.

As excited as I was about seeing the concrete Dino I was even more excited when I got home to a package on my front step. Other girls shop at Express and Victoria’s Secret, but point me towards the workout stuff. is hands down my favorite website for running gear. They have free 2 day shipping and a 90 day return policy. Which is a must when ordering shoes online.


I got some new energy gels. I’ve had a variety of GUs but not the caramel macchiato and the lemon chomps should be good too. The electrolyte tablets are awesome! A perfect pick me up and a way to jazz up boring water. I’ve gotten both the Nuun tablets and the hammer gels thanks to Stridebox. The shirt was a steal at $20 on clearance. I love the script and the saying “Finish On Empty”.

Now to relax and enjoy some wine and get ready for TGIT!!!

Until next time run happy and be safe everyone




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