Stroehmann Back On My Feet

Oh my goodness. Well it’s official I am signed up for my first 24 hour relay! I love the Back On My Feet organization. I think it’s incredibly important to run races where you can truly believe in the charity your running for. This organization has an impact in a city I love and that makes it mean even more to me.

We have already picked a team name. It took about 10 minutes. I just finished reading Born To Run and my friend who is currently the only team member running with me has borrowed my copy and is reading it right now. So……drumroll…. Our team name is The Caballos Blanco. The White Horses. If you have read the book you are probably smiling. This book was amazing and made me want to go run 100 miles then and there!!! I think that is a truly good book, when it is so inspiring you want to Just Do It!!
I’m hoping to guilt trip my brother into running this with me….he is a story for another day. He is who I am most proud of and that is not an exaggeration.
I cannot wait for this epic weekend. July can’t get here soon enough!!!!



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