Warmer weather?

So I woke up this morning. My one morning I thought I might get the chance to sleep in….. at 5am. I remained in bed, in denial for another hour and a half. It’s my one damn day, I’m not getting up.
Finally the puppy and my hunger got me moving. I looked at the weather channel app and saw it was a whopping 9 degrees. Well, that settled it. I needed to run, but first coffee.
Occasionally I like to just go, not really thinking about a set distance. Today was one of those days. As long as I had time to eat and rehydrate before yoga I would be happy.
You know I’ve been running for 10+ years and it was only this winter I realized that since I’m short most of my legging can be tucked into my sneakers. This saves my ankles from getting cold and I feel silly for not thinking of this earlier.


I headed out the door and made it down the street a ways only to see random sections of sidewalks that hadn’t been shoveled. For some reason this really annoyed me. I mean come on people! It snowed Tuesday….that is just lazy! So I spent a lot of time running on the road, switchings sides off and on so I wasn’t running with traffic. Which is one of my biggest pet peeves. Runners everywhere should know that you can not rely on drivers noticing you. Or even worse, caring.
I finished up running and was pleased with my distance. 3.75 miles and it was just 8am. This week I finished with about 25 miles and am on track to run 120 or so by the end. This coming week I will be turning to running to relieve the stress of work. With an inspection on Tuesday I’ll have a few very long days. I’m hoping running will save my sanity!


Also, not sure how or what did this but I somehow rubbed the skin raw at the base of my throat. Ouch! Especially when I accidentally sprayed some body spray on it. I do NOT recommend that.

Now to sit and back and watch the snow keep piling up……

Until next time run happy and be safe!!



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