Knowing when to say no.

So like most of the north east here in New Jersey we got a fair amount of snow. Then ice, then rain.

I got up and got dressed. Yesterday I went shopping and found some amazing deals on workout clothes. I got two Asics jackets and two long sleeve shirts for layering and spent less than $45!


I was really excited to try out the jacket especially. It had an awesome zipper pocket on the arm, perfect for stashing some GU.

There were a lot of signs that were telling me I should not run today, but I’m a runner and like injuries, I also ignore signs. My iPod crapped out on me as I opened the door, sign number 1. Turned around played with it a second. Then gave up and tossed it on the table. My phone would work fine. Off I go again….only to see this nonsense!


Ok, so the front door wasn’t an option, sign number 2. No big deal, that’s why we have a side door. I made it a tenth of a mile and realized I needed my ice cleats. Sign number 3. I should’ve just said skip the run today but nope. I went inside and tossed the contents of closets, dressers and cabinets looking for the cleats. This went on for 20 minutes and then I located them in the first place I looked. Clearly I need to heed my mothers advice about ‘bending at the waist’ when looking at things.

Ok so now you’d think I’d be ready to go. I have music, appropriate clothing and cleats on my shoes so I don’t kill myself for the sake of a run.

I go outside and it is God awful. I barely make it a quarter of a mile and already my shoes are soaked and my legs are well on their way to being the same. My boyfriend drove by and I waved and smiled. That didn’t last long. Soon I was muttering to myself and cussing periodically. This sucked. There is no other way to put it. Of course the sidewalks are horrible and the roads aren’t any better. There’s practically a damn river flowing down the road. I still was delusional enough to think I just needed to find my rhythm. I have runs occasionally where I’m not really happy to be running for a solid 10 minutes or so. Today was not one of those occasions. I know when to throw in the towel. Today was that day. I should’ve have listened to the signs and kept my butt inside and dry.


I made it less than 1 mile and it took me over 10 minutes. I got back to my house and decided Insanity Asylum was the way to go!

This is my second speed and agility workout and I think I actually like it! With the exception of the bear crawl and mountain climbers it’s a challenge but doable. Except hop scotch….I think I never learned that move. Or it’s been repressed, I’m not sure. Either way I know I WILL conquer the workout. It just may take awhile. That’s ok, I’m not going anywhere.


Now to relax and prepare for the long work week ahead of me the only way I know how, cuddled up with my dog under a heated throw watching TV.

What about you? Did the weather slow you down?

Until next time



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