It’s official! MCM October 25 2015

Well today was an unintended rest day. I had a 12 hour work day. Running wasn’t in the cards and I knew that but I figure I needed a total day off.
Two days without a real run. I’m going crazy and getting a little grumpy. I don’t care what happens tomorrow I’m running. Ice slush and work be damned!
On the upside today at noon time registration for the Marine Corps Marathon opened for active duty military. I sat and patiently waited for the clock to strike 12. Finally it did….then I must’ve been like every other avid runner in the military and began the registration process. It was tedious and I thought for sure I would miss my chance. The website made it out like there were limited spots and to me that meant 10. So imagine me running and I mean truly running from one computer to the other thinking maybe one would load faster. If my coworkers didn’t think I was a little cuckoo before they do now.
So after about half an hour I was able to successfully register. I am so excited!! This will be my first marathon and because it’s in DC my parents will be able to cheer me on and I’ll be running with a good friend who was also frantically trying to register at the same time as me.
Now on to getting serious about training. I’ve got a solid 8 months to train and plenty of races before then but this may be the one I am looking forward to the most.
Ok who am I kidding. I am looking forward to each and every single one!!!
This right here was the prettiest sight after walking out the door after sitting in a windowless room for so long.



6 thoughts on “It’s official! MCM October 25 2015

  1. Yay Danielle! I didn’t know you were active duty – thank you for your service. I am a Marine Corps brat and live in the DC area and always volunteer for the MCM. Maybe I”ll get around to running it one of these years.

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  2. I totally can relate to the registration angst, South Africa’s premier marathon opens with a queuing system and sells out in less than 3hrs. I was in a meeting when the queue opened so got Boyfriend to do it for me, poor guy had to drive to work with his laptop open on the passenger seat and managed to confirm my entry 2mins before he had to start work. I was practically hyperventilating!!
    Congrats on getting that entry and good luck with the training 🙂

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