My Stridebox


I finally tried the last of my goodies in this month’s Stridebox. If you’ve never heard of them or are on the fence check them out. I love it! Plus I love getting mail. So it’s a win win!!!

Here’s the link to their site!

The first thing I used were the iGloves. They’re claim to fame is that they work with smart phones. The verdict is in and yes they do. I had to wash them a couple times, they had a strange smell to them. I have four pairs of gloves including these and these are awesome! They keep my hands warm and allow me to use my phone or iPod touch without having to maneuver out of my gloves. Plus they are under $10 retail. It can’t be beat! I would only caution that if it was raining these wouldn’t be the best because they are a knit.

Next up was the Picky Bar

I have to be honest, this wasn’t my favorite. I’m not a cinnamon raisin fan to begin with. They do have other flavors though and I’d be willing to give them a try. Oh and they also have a cool monthly membership too.


I think the one I was most surprised to find that I liked was the Chia Surge.

I loved it! The texture was a little funny but that’s the chia seeds. I’m a huge fan of chia seeds and they are super good for you. I may have to get some of these again….I’ll have to shop around though. $7 for 4 seems like a bit much to be honest.


I have had the Nuun tablets before and I think the wild berry flavor may have been the only one I hadn’t tried yet. It was awesome, I used it on my 15 mile run last week and it gave me the boost I needed and didn’t taste funny. I liked it so much I went and bought a ton more. I like to hoard running food 😀


The lip balm was a new one for me….I’ve been subscribed to Stridebox since last summer and I don’t think I’ve gotten any before. It’s awesome but I’m pretty sure I’ve lost it already. My purse is a black hole!


This stuff was tasty! I may have to buy some more. The apple cinnamon reminds me of exactly of apple cinnamon oatmeal. My fav flavor! It was perfect on Friday when we such epic cold weather. I drank it right before my run and I like to think it helped keep me warm 😀 I’m definitely excited to try some of the other flavors as well.

And now…..drumroll please!!!!! My hands down favorite sample this month……


This stuff is the best protein shake ever!!!!!! I love it. I won’t lie I didn’t have high expectations. It’s great though, not clumpy and sweet but not overly so. Plus it’s coffee so yeah you can’t beat it. I literally finished it and went online and ordered some more. I ordered it though their website. The price difference between them and Amazon was just a couple dollars. So I placed my order and even got a follow up call from the company asking if I had any more questions. Amazing customer service and fast shipping!

I can’t wait till my next Stridebox arrives…..HURRY UP MARCH!!!


5 thoughts on “My Stridebox

  1. This Stridebox is such a genius idea! After reading your post, I went into the site & it’s such a great idea. Unfortunately, they haven’t spanned out as far as the UK yet but will enjoy reading all about the exciting things you get in your box! 🙂

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