The last few days have been long. I had a 12 day on Monday so I knew I wasn’t going to run which was ok. There was way too much ice anyways so I chalked it up as a day off. A true rest day, which if you knew me you’d know this is a rare occurrence. 

Fortunately I got in an Insanity Asylum strength workout yesterday morning. Otherwise I would have had another rest day. Not that I hadn’t planned on running. I had a bag packed and ready to go. Work just got in the way. I spent the day going through paperwork and files and felt like I was under a microscope the whole time. It sucked and I needed a run more than anything but it wasn’t in the cards. I am a slight control freak so having to relinquish that control did not bode well for me. 

On a side note…..I’m pretty sure my control issues are just one of  the many issues I love running. I have complete control!

Today was the day though. I had to keep pushing back the time due to work again but I got out there. I ran with my running buddies from work and I noticed a couple things. 

  1. I am a cautious runner. While the guys just barreled through the ice. I am tip toeing around trying not to break something.  
  2. I like a challenge. They’re younger than me by 7 years and are faster….so I spent the bulk of my run chasing them. 
  3. The cold has officially destroyed my skin. My legs are chapped or windburned….I don’t know which. All I know is it hurts and is aggravating. 
  4. I am a solitary runner. I need that alone time. Somedays it’s my only chance at some time to myself. 
  5. I am one of the few people in Philadelphia who obeys traffic signals. My running buddies left me behind because I stopped when they ran. Maybe it’s just self preservation but I’d prefer to not get hit by a car. 

So we ran a grand total of 6.3 miles in about 57 minutes which really isn’t bad considering how much ice we found.   We ran from the Delaware River to the Schuykill River and I was really surprised to find the worst ice was along the river where there is an actual dedicated running path.  Nothing like running down a ramp….getting some momentum only to see the last quarter of the ramp is ice! I found out it’s not as easy to stop as I thought. 

This is an awesome infographic I saw…I wonder if you can run like a penguin too 😉

I did have a brief moment when I thought I don’t how I can run 26.2 miles but it was fleeting. My more prevailing thought was that I had too much clothing on, it was almost 40 degrees! 

I will say this though after I finished my run I felt free and light and more relaxed than I have in days! Thank GOD for that. 

That right there is my new favorite Gu flavor. It truly tastes like caramel macchiato!!!! It was love at first taste. 

Until next time! 



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