What a good run can do

My oh my what a week. I should’ve known the week was going to be rough when I couldn’t get in my long run on Sunday due to God awful weather. 

Somehow I managed to get through the week with minimal running. I most likely will not be meeting my planned 120 miles for the month. I’m ok it’s that though there are plenty of days left in the year. 

Today I got to run though. I decided to run this morning since it was snowing and I really wanted to start my day right. 

Best decision ever!!!

It was not only a good run but a great run! My week was long and stressful and today I ran it all out. 

Here are just a few things off the top of my head that a good run can do….for me at least. 

  • A good run can make me forget a bad day. 
  • A good run can help me sort through my problems….way cheaper than a therapist 
  • A good run is the best way to start my day or end my day for that matter. 
  • A good run can remind me of why I began running. 
  • A good run can and will cancel out that cheeseburger or donut or whatever my weakness is that day.  At least I that’s what I tell myself. 
  • A good run when I’m mad will make me run faster and maybe, just maybe help me forget I were mad to begin with. 

Today made up for all the miles I missed this week. I ran through Chinatown, LOVE Park and the Italian Market. I loved it! The sun was shining, snow was falling and I was running. It was all I could ask for at that moment in time. I wasn’t even upset the couple times I slipped because miraculously I stayed upright.  I was a little shocked by the large amount of people on the street, but I didn’t even let that bother me. My feet felt great, no lead legs or side stitches to slow me down. 

Today’s run made me forgot about how stressed I was and how long the days were. I am blessed to have the ability to continue putting one foot in front of the other in this great race we call life!

Until next time!!



5 thoughts on “What a good run can do

  1. You are so right about all those things that a good run can do. I haven’t had a good outside run in a while. I should have today. The snow was falling beautiful and I should have been out in it running. You did it and I am envious! Are you in Philly? Good for you! The good run shows on your face.

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