A much needed me day

So this month is pretty much over and while I didn’t meet my goal of 120 miles, I got a smidge over 100 so I’m happy. 

I’ve been hooked up with a running plan through my fellow yogi/runner friend. I do better with a plan and I really want to PR when I run The Love Run. I don’t think my goal is too lofty….I want to take 5 minutes off my last time. That’s all. 

On top of running I will be doing yoga, strength training and HIIT. Oh and I am gonna do a full month of Insanity Asylum. Yup I know. It’s a lot, but if I put in writing and tell people I’m doing it I will be less likely to back out. 

So below is a pic of my calendar   

With the weather hopefully taking a turn for the better I’ll have less excuses to make. 

Oh and my boyfriend and I have a little bet going….he says he can go the whole month without ice cream. I’m choosing to give up cheese for a month. I love love love cheese! Maybe a little too much so I’m hoping I have the willpower to stick to it. 

So tonight I shall dine on my last tasty morsel of cheese and begin the month cheese free!

What about you guys? Any goals or plans for the month of March??


5 thoughts on “A much needed me day

  1. Good luck with the training plan! Sounds ambitious. I had to dial mine back a bit a few weeks ago because it was wearing me out. Also no cheese means a month without pizza… I think you got the short end of the stick!

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