Working The Night Shift

I really wanted to run today but the forces were against me. I typically work Monday through Friday 8-4 but the twice a month I have stand a watch. That means 12 hours of being in a windowless room. I usually pick to do this during the day but I got talked into trying a night watch. 

Now I haven’t worked overnight in two years and I’m really an old lady about going to bed early. I love my bed and the more time I can spend in it the better. Sleeping all day yesterday was a challenge, my body is very accustomed to being up and about during the day time. I was worried that my puppy Addie would sabotage my sleep, but she was awesome! Slept with me all day on the couch. 

Yesterday was my first run using my new training plan. I was to run between 4-5 miles at a pace between 8:45 and 9:00 minutes. I’ve never tried to maintain a set pace before. So that was a first for me, I ended up keeping my pace under 9:00 minutes, not bad considering I had to work around ice again. I swear, spring needs to get here now.  I could’ve run further but knew I had a strength workout to complete as well. With the weather forecasted to get bad, at rush hour of course, I knew I’d have to leave earlier than normal. 

I survived my 12 hour shift with a strange game of spades and an insanity asylum speed and agility workout. I talked my friend who often runs with me into joining me in the workout. He realized quickly that while running is great cardio, it doesn’t really prepare you for insanity. There was a lot of muttering and groaning and even flipping off Shawn T occasionally. After a pause to tend to his bloody nose he survived his first workout. I’ve really grown to love the workout, he isn’t there yet. 

The workout gave me the burst of energy to get me through the rest of my watch. Although towards the end I was zoned out and just going through the motions.   

Today my training was supposed to include insanity asylum, yoga and a run. I managed two of the three.  My knee is kind of giving me some issues. I don’t know what it going on, it’s not swollen and my range of motion is normal. It hurts to touch right below the front of my knee and good God, kneeling on it in yoga was shockingly painful. I will have to ask the teachers about modifications. There was a time I would’ve “sucked it up” but I’d like to think I’ve gotten wiser as I’ve gotten older. So I chose to skip my tempo run today and give my knee a rest. I will tackle that run tomorrow. In the snow. It’s March……this  is getting old Mother Nature!!! I don’t know if you’re waiting for somebody to say uncle. If so, UNCLE!!!!  Honestly though, I’ll take a snow day. It had better be a real snow day though. I’m talking  6 inches or more! 

Until next time!! Be safe and run happy. Fingers crossed my knee feels better in the morning! 



4 thoughts on “Working The Night Shift

  1. I was plagued by similar knee problems ever since I started running until I got serious about foam rolling my ITBs every day. Now I get nothing more than some tenderness navigating stairs after long runs, which goes away by the next day. It hurt like hell the first few times until they loosened up, but it works wonders for me.

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