Hello Weekend!!

If I could trade in a body part I already know what it would be. My left foot. I swear it is the bane of my existence.  I mean both feet hurt but my left foot is the one that does me in. 

I knew it was too good to be true….last Friday I went for a run that was great. Amazing really. Except that in my rush to back a bag I forgot a pair of running socks. I figured I could run in my socks I wore in to work. They were thin and didn’t offer much for warmth and more importantly no extra cushioning.  

Now a week later my foot is truly hurting. It hurts to move my toes and touching it is excruciating. I have no one to blame but myself for this. On top of the poor sock choice my shoes had been teetering on the edge of being replaced. I think this may have been a factor in my knee hurting suddenly as well. My new shoes arrived in the mail today and I sat on the couch bummed about how bad my foot hurt. I popped some ibuprofen hoping that would help. The Coast Guard hands 800 milligram ibuprofen like they’re candy. So I have a never ending stash. I debated some more and decided I’d just take them for a quick spin. 

I think the toe box will end up being ok, today wasn’t a good day to judge this by since I had super thick cold weather socks on and I’m pretty sure I may be dealing with some swelling as well. 

I headed out and the sun was blinding! It’s still cold….in the 20s but the sun made that a little more bearable.  As soon as I began I wanted to turn around. My foot felt like it was on fire, but I kept going. The first mile I walked a bit and decided I’d only do a couple miles. Every runner knows that never happens. I completed a 40 minute tempo run. My first mile really slowed my overall pace down….so even though my next 3.5 were in the mid 8s I ended up with an average of 8:59. Ugh I need to start getting my speed up. I’m not in the habit of making excuses, but seriously. I’m blaming winter. 

I’m glad I ran but I see an Epsom salt soak for my feet tonight. Epsom salt is a life saver. Especially when my feet are hurting. I take about a half a cup of Epsom salt, and pour it into a bowl of hot water. Then I add about 10 drops of of peppermint oil. I soak my feet in the bowl for as long as I can. It does wonders. I also like to take Epsom salt baths as well, after a long run it is amazing!!!

After I got back from my run I decided today was the day I would start a new habit. Using the foam roller after every run. For being such a simple task, that doesn’t even take long I really need to stick with it. I think I like my Massage Stick better. It works great on my legs and in my opinion it’s easier to use. 

I’m really looking forward to the weekend and hoping the sun melts more snow. My shoes are white…..I’d like to see how long I can keep them that way…..not gonna lie I wasn’t just dodging ice on my run. I also dodged muddy puddles of water too!!!!  

On tap for tomorrow is an easy run, insanity asylum speed and agility, and hopefully a double yoga class! Better rest up while I can. On a totally random note a former shipmate who I had the honor of being stationed with back in North Carolina swam for 24 hours straight in memory of a Coast Guard helicopter crew who all lost their lives three years ago. He personifies everything the Coast Guard should be. Honor. Respect. Devotion to duty. Here is the link to the article, Coast Guard Compass. So inspiring. 

Until next time!!



4 thoughts on “Hello Weekend!!

  1. My left food (okay my ankle) is the bane of my running existence right now too! I have re sprained the darn thing after a whole year with no sprain! I definitely find epston salts helpful, even after a night of waitressing I love to soak my feet in them. Incredibly soothing. Hope your foot starts feeling better soon!

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