Foam Roller challenge 

I find it funny that I  found this today after saying I really want to incorporate foam rolling every day. 30 Day Challenge…..challenge accepted. Who’s with me?!?!

Here’s the Tracker. I’m done with day 1. I followed along with the videos which are very informative!

Until next time! 



9 thoughts on “Foam Roller challenge 

  1. I’ve read that foam rolling before a run (instead of or in addition to after) can make a big difference. I haven’t really noticed much but I try to remember to do it before a run as well. Hope your 30-day challenge leaves your muscles feeling less sore!

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  2. Thanks for following my blog! I just tried a foam roller for the first time yesterday and I’m in love! I didn’t feel sore AT ALL after the run!! My IT band was feeling a little funny on my left leg and then I used the foam roller and bam! The pain was gone! So cool!! Once I get my own, I’ll do the challenge!

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