Taking a step back

As a runner, it’s hard to admit that an ache or pain may be something more. I am definitely speaking from experience. 

My knee which was bothering me last week is now more than bothering me. It straight up hurts. I’ve replaced my shoes and am implementing foam roller exercises into my workout regimen and hopefully this will help in the long run. In the here and now, it just hurts and I’m acknowledging that it may be more than just a tweak. 

So after a long internal debate I decided to take a few days off from running. I don’t think running is the culprit, but I know it wasn’t making my knee any better. Honestly I think the insanity asylum was the issue and more importantly the floor I was completing the workouts on. It was hard with little give and the jumps proved to be too much for me knee. Of course this is just my own personal diagnosis. I also checked out WebMD….I am hoping its just tendinitis. 

So I went to yoga instead. Yesterday I did a back to back class. I had to admit to the teacher my knee was hurting and it was humbling and frustrating to have to take a huge step back. There are certain sayings that all the teachers say. 

  • Taking a step back to fix something is not a step back. 
  • Falling out learning how not to. 
  • Practice with the body you have today. 
  • 1% correct gives you 100% of the benefits. 

I hear these sayings or a version of these every class. Of course it’s you hear it differently when you’re actually dealing with some type of issue. 

I worked through the class with little issues after making some adjustments. It drove me nuts to be unable to do a couple postures though. It felt good to be in the room and I’ve seen what this yoga can do to heal bodies so why wouldn’t it do the same for me? I just have to be patient. Which means I have to practice the act of being patient. Easier said than done! 

This weekend I spent four hours in the hot room. It felt great to be in there even if I wasn’t at 100%.  I am genuinely hoping that by Tuesday my knee will feel up to an easy run but I’m going to be wise and if it’s not feeling better I’ll take another day. 

Day two of my foam roller challenge complete!!

Until next time



12 thoughts on “Taking a step back

  1. I know exactly what you’re going through! Wise to take the step back so as not to create a long-term injury. Love reading about your journey. Keep up the awesome and inspiring blogging! I love it.

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  2. I can relate to this too. I always used to try to push through everything, not wanting to lose any fitness, but now I take a more intuitive approach. If something hurts, I rest and do an activity that doesn’t hurt. And then I try to vary my activities more to become more well rounded and less susceptible to injury.

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  3. Good on you for listening to your body 🙂

    In terms of your knee, please be careful doing the Insanity stuff. I tweaked my left knee doing Insanity back in 2010 and it still acts up from time to time!

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  4. Oh man, I feel for you. I’ve repeatedly had IT band issues over the past several years and can imagine how you feel about taking time off. My injury is still something I’m dealing with, so I would encourage you to take the time you need to address the underlying issues before going back to running and perhaps having to deal with a chronic condition.

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