Slow and steady

So today I finally got to run. I had planned on running early this morning but I had a little too much wine last night. So I spent the morning cuddled on the couch with the gang. 

Finally I felt semi-human and decided to get moving. In my excitement, I forgot to pack my Flipbelt and my towel and water for yoga. Not to worry though I just rented a towel and bought a bottle of water. So after an awesome and sweaty yoga class I quickly changed and hopped in my car. I spent a few minutes debating on where to run and decided on Hopkins Pond, I love running around the ponds and there’s lots of options if I want to run longer. 

I hate holding on to things when I run and today I had to run with not only my phone but my car keys. So annoying!!! I can never seem to keep them in the same hand the whole time. I wasn’t about to let this get to me though. It was so nice out today! I think it was close to 60 degrees and I loved it. It felt great to be outside and in the sun. My knee felt pretty good, not sore maybe a little tight.  I haven’t run in four days though so that’s to be expected. 

I ran a total of 4.2 miles in 38 minutes. I’m really happy with that since I walked a couple times. My thought for this run was to listen to my body and not push too hard. I looked to see any flowers but sadly saw none. I did see very little snow and no ice except on the pond. Hallelujah! I think it’s safe to say spring is on its way. It was nice to run without layers and layers of clothing and still break a sweat.  I came home today and put all my winter running clothes away and broke out the tank tops. I can’t find my shorts and running skirts, I just don’t remember where I stashed them. 

After my run I completed day 5 of my foam roller challenge. 

This weekend I’m going to Virginia to visit my parents and brother and I’m looking forward to running somewhere different. I’m not looking forward to the five hour drive with three dogs….especially the puppy since she isn’t a fan of cars.  

Oh and waiting at my door was this month’s Stridebox delivery. Yay!!!

I will be testing out all the goodies over the next week and will review them then. I can’t wait to try them all!

In preparation for our trip tomorrow I made two loaves of Gluten Free Zucchini Bread for my brother and his girlfriend. Soon to be my sister-in-law….I just found this fact out last night by the way. This recipe is super easy to make and everyone who tries it loves it and would never guess it’s gluten free. 

I’m sure your mouths are watering just looking at them 😀 

Until next time!!



9 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. If you can think of a better solution to the car key conundrum, please let me know! I used to use a carabener to attach them to my dog’s leash… which works out when he runs with me. When he doesn’t and it’s too warm for a jacket with pockets… I haven’t come up with a solution yet.

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      1. You slide your phone in one of the slits and then flip that portion of the belt around so the opening is facing your body. The only downside is if it’s hot and your sweating a lot the material soaks it up.


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