Day 1 of 21 Day Fix

Well I’m finally over the bug I had last week. We drove back from Virginia yesterday and made amazing time. Of course the second I stepped out of the car a gust of wind blew a face full of debris into my face. Fun. 

I had toyed with the idea of taking the day as a final rest day, but 5 rest days in a row make for a grumpy me. After we finished unpacking I quickly changed. I might have been a little premature putting away my cold weather gear. Thankfully I had a long sleeve top that hadn’t fit in the tote. 

My training plan called for 8 miles, I decided that may be pushing it after being sick and having a funky knee. I ended up doing 4 miles. A solid run though, I was shocked to see snow still on the ground in some places though. 

My knee was pretty tender and after talking to my brother about it, he said it sounds like Patellar Tendinitis. Which was what I was leaning towards too.  I ordered a brace after looking at a couple stores without any luck on Amazon. Fingers crossed that it helps!!

So anyway. Today was my first day with 21 Day Fix. I am also doing the 3 Day Refresh. The workout scheduled for today was the Total Body Cardio Fix. Whew….it was challenging, not too much so. Just the right amount. I am impressed with how much sweat I could produce in just 30 minutes. The moves were well explained and demonstrated. My legs are already a little sore less than 12 hours later! So I am really liking my choice so far. 

I ordered the chocolate vegan Shakeology for the 3 day refresh and man that is tasty!!! The fiber sweep that follows is ok. I’m not in love with it but it’s tolerable. I am still undecided about the vanilla. I tried it with water the first time, not a fan. So for dinner I used my unsweetened almond milk. It’s better, the chocolate vegan is my favorite though. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little hungry. 

So since I didn’t get a chance to do a full long run yesterday I ran again today. I put it off for awhile because I had a slight caffeine withdrawal headache going on. The refresh says to avoid caffeine for the three days. My run today was great! I decided since I’m eating limited food to just stick to a 5K. It took me about a half mile to get a rhythm. Once I found my rhythm I really tried to pay attention to my stride. All runners know, we have a tendency to adjust ourselves to avoid pain. My knee felt pretty good and still does even now sitting and relaxing. I maintained an average pace of 8:29 for the total distance. 

I think I’ve finally let go of this dream for a PR in two weeks and now I feel like I can just run to enjoy running again. 

Day Ten of the foam roller challenge and I can honestly say I think it is making a difference! In fact I’m about to roll again right now!

Until next time!!!



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