Today’s run…

I packed my bag for running this morning. Shortly after listening to the forecast….close to 60 degrees and windy. I chose to disregard that second part. 

I finished my first day back at work….always the worst. Nothing like going through 200 plus emails and finding only 50 that actually matter. After playing catch up and then finishing up a few odds and ends I should’ve just changed my clothes and run. 

I didn’t. I chatted with people and killed time. Finally deciding to run after work. Well after work came and I changed. I had packed a tank top….which made me pretty excited. I also brought my RooSport. I had honestly forgotten that I bought this. It’s been sitting in a drawer in my kitchen since New Years.  So after some confusion about what part should be on the inside I decided the large part should be inside. The concept is great and I was excited to put it to the test. 

So off I went for my run…I initially had my keys and my iPod in the RooSport but I think the pants I had on made it too bulky. So I held on to my iPod. It laid pretty flat and didn’t move at all. I’ll have to try again in different clothes to see if that makes a difference in how it stays in place. 

I decided on anywhere between 3-4 miles for my run. The winds blowing at about 25 mph didn’t really help my cause. On top of that my legs are incredibly sore from my workout yesterday. It was one of those runs that I imagine I looked miserable doing. Eh that’s ok with me. I still ran, just not very fast. I ended up running a total of 4 miles in just under 39 minutes. The last half mile the wind was at my back pushing me the whole way. I was truly grateful. 

I also completed day 2 of the 21 Day Fix. Today was upper body fix. I really liked it…..again challenging but not too much so. I really like the format of the workouts. The warmup is quick….only a couple minutes. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you feel like you spend a fair amount of time warming up in such a short workout. I really like Autumn. She isn’t annoying and doesn’t yell. I’ve never been a fan of the yelling in a workout. Even on a DVD. I think it goes back to being yelled at for 8 weeks in boot camp. Also I’m so glad I got the mini mat. So much better on my hands and knees than the regular old floor. 

Day 2 of the refresh is going better than yesterday. I did cave and have coffee though. I just knew I’d need it at work. I haven’t been nearly as hungry today though.  That seems to be how it is for me….I’ve done 4 juice cleanses over the last year and day 2 is the best. I will say I’m pretty excited to eat food food though. Everything is appealing when you’re not eating solid food. I’ve found some cool recipes and I can’t wait to try out the 21 Day Fix containers starting Thursday morning. I know food is always my weakness….I like cheese and wine and all that yummy deliciousness.  I’m still going strong on the cheese free month though…17 days in and I’m finally not really missing it. 

I had an interesting discussion about the whole concept of the 21 Day Fix eating plan with my coworkers though. One believes the plan is supposed to shrink your stomach so you eat less. I’m not sure I agree. 1200-1400 calories is a very normal amount for someone my size and the whole premise of the plan is more about ensuring you’re eating the proper amount of veggies and fruit and all that. Of course you can eat all the veggies you want,but let’s be honest. Who “pigs out” on veggies. Not me….I’ve said it.  I like cheese. A lot. Then another guy commented that someone who eats 3000 calories a day can’t be expected to live on 1200-1400 a day. I tried to explain that your caloric needs are based on your weight and then gave up. We shall agree to disagree. All I know is I want sweet potatoes and asparagus. Right now!

Instead I’ll have some tea. 

Until next time! 



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