5 Day Running Streak!

Well…..today I was able to go back to eating normal food again. It was as exciting as it sounds!! 

Today was  the Pilates Fix which was hard. Anyone who hasn’t given Pilates a try should. It’s challenging without running and jumping. For me it was awesome since I got to do it barefoot!!

I tested out the portion sized version of steel cut oats and eggs. It tastes delicious, but I knew it would be. The meal actually did a great job of keeping me full for awhile. I wasn’t really hungry until almost 11.  As discouraged as I was about how small the serving was I am so happy it does the trick! Plus it’s awesome to know breakfast is good for another 6 days. 

I ran after work today around Philadelphia. I needed it after getting multiple phone calls from some type of legal aid company wanting to know I needed compensation for my bladder sling surgery. A surgery I’ve never had, and when I told them that, they questioned me. Then accused me of being rude when I got annoyed the 6th time they called and I repeatedly asked to be not called again. Ugh! I desperately needed a run after that!!!

I decided to run along the water front. The winds had died down a bit so it was a really nice run. That is, once the very random back pain subsided. I’ve never experienced it before, it felt like everything was way too tight in my lower back and legs. I stopped a couple times and tried to stretch it out. It went away, but not before sending me into a panic. 

I ran all the way to Race Street Pier. It was so nice to see people out and about enjoying the sunshine as much as I did. 

This morning my adorable little puppy got a hold of my Fitbit. She broke it….I was tempted to break her.  

That face saved her! Instead I went and bought the Fitbit One. I like the idea of tracking my sleep. It was a challenge to set up but I’m blaming that on my laptop. 

Soooo I had my first dinner on the 21 Day Fix plan. Not bad! I had a serving of chicken breast and some brown rice and two servings of zucchini. I’m going to have to do some tweaking to ensure I get all the required food throughout the day. Thankfully I went and bought a bunch of veggies today so I will be pigging out on the greens! 

I decided to put it on a smaller plate….makes it seem like a lot more food. 

Tomorrow I have a lot on the books. Running, cardio fix, and yoga (hopefully a double). All this depends on what Mother Nature throws at us. Currently we are forecasted to get snow tomorrow. What a way to ring in spring! 

Until next time!!



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