It’s Friday!!

Well the week is over and I have survived day five of 21 Day Fix.  It’s also the first day of spring….not that you could tell by all the white stuff falling from the sky. 

This morning I got up way too early for a day off. Thanks puppy….I love you but seriously cannot wait till you sleep later. So after doing some much needed housework I popped in the Cardio Fix workout. I liked it.  Maybe not one of my favorites but I didn’t hate it. I’ve been reading some reviews about the workout system on here and some people really hated the Pilates one. I think Pilates is hard for people to enjoy because you often don’t feel like you’re working hard enough during the workout. Trust me you feel it after. My lower abs were so sore this morning. 


This little one thinks as soon as I move to do the butterfly stretch that means it’s time to cuddle. 

I went to yoga for the first time since Monday. It felt so good to be in the room….minus the tightness in my body from not being in the room. I just wanted to nap in the room and soak up all the heat. It was funny to be so hot I had sweat dripping from my fingertips and then look outside and see big fat snowflakes everywhere. 

Today was scheduled to be an easy run. That worked out perfectly since its my sixth day in a row running. The snow and slush also made it a slow run. My feet were soaked before I had gone a block…..I started to let that bother me. Then I remembered I was running in the snow, the last snow of winter I hope. I let it go and just ran. I abandoned the sidewalks because there was way too much slush everywhere. At least the road was kind of clear.  I decided to stick to the neighborhood and just kind of go with the flow. It was such a good run! My pace was pretty good…about 9:15 and I didn’t feel rushed or out of breath at any point. I have no idea why, but I don’t think snowflakes should hurt when they hit your eyes. I had almost put my sunglasses on just to avoid them and at the last minute I decided they weren’t necessary. Because I didn’t want my eyeballs to get pelted with little frozen chunks of water I spent the majority of my run looking down.  I completed 2.7 miles in 25 miles and I honestly wanted to keep going but I am adhering to the training as much as I can. 


I then had a little bit of energy left to burn so I tried out the 10 Minute Ab Fix. I hate abs stuff….make me run, squat and lunge. Don’t make me do crunches. It was a good workout though for just ten minutes. 

Second day of the eating plan is going well. I managed to hit everything except one protein.  I bought some butternut squash and bok choy to cook tomorrow and also a brined turkey breast. I figure I’ll cook that up with weekend and since its about 12 ounces it will last me a bit of time.  I last found this awesome recipe I may give a try next week!  It’s a Butternut Squash Quiche and I think it looks delicious and also could be a quick and easy way to get veggies and more protein! 

Until next time!!



2 thoughts on “It’s Friday!!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout to my quiche! I really hope you enjoy it if you try it! My dog does the same thing too. She decides when it’s time to get up, and she’s a huge cuddler as well!

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