Sunday Long Run

Today was my final long run before my races next weekend. My training plan called for 10 miles at a 9 minute pace. I was a little nervous. I haven’t run more than 4 miles in a couple weeks 

I began my day with a Bikram Yoga class. I kind of slacked this week going so this is day three for me. I’ve had three great classes in a row. My knee hasn’t bothered me as much, the heat has been perfect and I feel like it’s just been a very good energy in the room. Let me clarify, no I’m not a hippie, but sometimes the vibe in there is just stressed out. Nothing like being  surrounded by heavy breathers who sigh and moan and groan.  Honestly, they don’t annoy me, they worry me. I spend the bulk of class glancing at sideways making sure they’re ok. 

After my class I headed home for my run. Initially I thought it was warm enough to forgo long pants. That changed quickly. I decided pants, hat and gloves were a must. 

Here are some of the very random thoughts I had while running today….

  • Why do I bother using Map My Run? This morning I mapped out 10 mile route. I followed it for about 3 miles…then decided to “wing it”. I of course ended up finding a crappy part of the road that was pretty much not runner friendly. Between no sidewalks and construction. 
  • I finally picked the exact amount  of clothing that worked perfectly. I was pretty sure I’d stash the gloves in my vest at some point. It stayed chilly enough that I was warm but not overheated. This rarely happens! I tend to wear too much and then spend a run annoyed. 
  • I cannot eat the turkey I got. I know random. It was not good, way too salty and just weird. I needed another protein for dinner. I tried to feed it to my boyfriend and he didn’t like it either. 
  • My jaw locks up occasionally when I run. I wonder why? I don’t clench my teeth, I’m kind of a mouth breather. Only when I run though. Today while trying to eat some energy chews I found that I struggled chewing them because my jaw was not cooperating. 
  • I need new music. I use the Rock My Run app and I love it. It’s awesome. There are so many choices. I have quite a few on my iPod but I always pick the same ones. Time to broaden my horizons. 
  • These new underwear I got at Victoria’s Secret are freaking awesome! I’m sure everyone has experienced a wardrobe malfunction with their undergarments. It’s annoying and the quickest way to ruin a run for me. The Pink seamless hipsters are a winner and you can’t beat 7 for $27. It’s a great deal!
  • I thought a lot about buying baby stuff for my brother’s baby. I’m so excited and happy for him and I love to shop!
  • I don’t know which I like better. Stop signs or red lights. My run today had both. Red lights kind of don’t give you any option other than to stop, but in small towns like I live in you don’t really worry about a lot of traffic. 
  • I have one week till my half marathon. I’ve embraced the idea of running to run and not worrying about my time.
  • My foot hurts….a lot. I stopped and adjusted the laces several times. Didn’t really help though. 
  • My knee barely hurts! I tried not to think about this for fear that it would start hurting again. 


post run…I don’t know where all the salt came from. I have been careful about sodium.


I finished my run in 1:32:30 so I didn’t hit my 9 minute goal. It’s ok though, the first 8 miles I felt really good. The last 2 were a killer. 

I did see my first sign of spring and that makes everything ok. 


I relaxed for a little while then had dinner. I made sautéed butternut squash and kale with sea salt pepper and chili powder!! Yummy! I just hate prepping butternut squash. I just read a infographic saying your plate should be half veggies, a quarter protein and a quarter grains. I think this plate is a win. 


I then made my juices for three days. Cucumber, apple , spinach, ginger and lemon. 


These should be yummy. I then followed it up with the best thing ever. Or at least lately! Watermelon with lime juice. Oh my goodness, I can’t begin to tell you how delicious it is. I may have to go back for seconds!


Everyone should try this. Right now!  

Until next time!!!



One thought on “Sunday Long Run

  1. It feels great to read about someone else having random running thoughts! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog – I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. I see one of your random thoughts was about an upcoming half marathon and “running to run” – that’s something I keep forgetting to do and it’s a timely reminder. Hope you enjoy every stride 🙂

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