My March Stride Box

So I know it’s almost though the month already, but in my defense I’ve been busy. 





I’ve been trying to really watch what I eat so I’m trying not to go crazy eating stuff.  

First things first. The Stretch Strap…’s pretty cool and the link actually has some awesome how-to videos. It has been great to incorporate it into my stretching routine..I just need to stick with it!!

Next up to try was the Honey Stinger Energy Bar Peanut Butter N’Honey…..this is delicious. I’m not surprised, all the Honey Stinger products I’ve had are top notch. I actually ordered a packge of these. They’re fairly low calorie and low fat so I didn’t feel guilty eating it. I want another one right now!


On my long run this past weekend I tried two more of the goodies. The first one I tried was the Bonk Breaker Energy Chews. They are tasty, a little hard to chew though. Plus their price is nuts! 16 pouches are $36. Maybe if they had a variety pack I’d be more inclined to buy them. 


The second treat I tried was Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


I was a little on the fence about it. I was thinking it would be overly sweet. Holy crap….let me tell you. I was trying to get every last little drop out of the little package. It was so good. I may have to buy some of these in the future. They were the perfect amount of sweet and gave me the boost I needed to get me through to the front door. 

Yesterday when I decided to double up on my 21 Day Fix workouts I figured it was a perfect time to to test out the SOS Hydration Drink Mix


The citrus flavor smelled amazing and tasted ok. I think it would be better with cold water. I did feel like it gave me an extra little umph……but I probably won’t be buying it. 

Of course in every package there’s always a chance I might not love every thing. This one had two. The first I knew I wouldn’t like before I even tried it. 


The Mango Chia Bar…I love chia seeds.  I am not as much of a fan of mango. I took two bites and gave up.  The second item was Iced Cooling Towels….


Ok so I used this today after my run. It might be better in the summer. It does have an amazing cooling effect though. Like icy hot in my arm pits and face! I bet it would be awesome in the dead of summer though. 

So that’s my Stridebox goodies for the month….come on April. I want sunshine and my next delivery of goodies! 

Until next time!!



9 thoughts on “ My March Stride Box

  1. Nice! I’ve been thinking about signing up for Stridebox, so it’s cool to see what you got in yours this month. I too am a big fan of Honey Stinger, so I bet the bar was delicious! And… I’m totally with you on the mango chia bars. Chia seeds- yay! Mango- double nay! Unless…we’re talking Mango Salsa… 🙂

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