Everything happens for a reason right?

So here I am just one day away from my first race. I did my final run today….in the rain and it wasn’t even that bad. It helped that it was warm. I shed the hood about 5 minutes into the run and just embraced the rain. I  was scheduled to run 2 miles at an easy pace. I over shot where I turned around and ended up running 2.35 miles. 


I had night watch last night and I think that I was much better prepared for this one. 

Yesterday I did Wednesday’s workout which was Lower Body Fix….this may be my fav! Then I ran a 30 minute tempo run. I managed to push hard and run 3.56 miles. I felt pretty pleased and my faith was renewed in my upcoming races not being so bad. 


At work to break up the monotony of 12 hours in a room with the blinds down I broke out my 21 Day Fix DVDs. I had time to kill so I doubled up. I did Lower Body Fix and then Pilates Fix. Let me just say right now that the lower half of my body is hurting….in a good way. 


So here I am pleasantly back in my groove and feeling pleased. That is until I went to my dentist appointment. I was literally sitting to turn in to the parking lot and some moron in a truck slammed into me. My first thought was WTF?!? Seriously? Ugh. 

So I’m ok…maybe a little banged up. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxers which I’m hoping will do the trick. Of all times this could happen just a few days before a race is not ideal. My plan is to take easy tomorrow and play it by ear. I’m going to the races still. I’ll just be very cautious. I’m going to chalk this up and a reason to take my time and enjoy the races. Not worry about the time at all and just have fun. In hindsight I’m so happy I’d made the decision to not worry about a PR a few weeks ago!

Until next time!!



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