So I got my new shoes in the mail yesterday. It worked out that I didn’t run at work that way I could take the new ones out for a spin yesterday instead of today like I had planned. 

I ran a solid 4 miles yesterday and other than a little stiffness in my legs I felt pretty good. The shoes are pretty cushioned which is what I need and the wide width is PERFECT! My feet have room but don’t slide around. My training plan called for 4 miles at 8:45 to 9:00 minute pace. I averaged 9:15 which I am pleased with just two days after my race.  Again a much quicker recovery than last year.

I ♥️ them

Last night I went to bed with a sore throat….I assumed it was allergies. This time of year always kicks my butt….I’ll walk around with puffy eyes and a stuffed up nose for about a month. Of course I woke up still with a sore throat that has gradually gotten worse as the day has gone on. 

I’m beginning to wonder if I have a cold. There has been something going around at work and I went to the Coast Guard base in Cape May New Jersey on Monday. The base is where all the recruits go for basic training. So it’s pretty much as my dad would say “a Petri dish” which means I may have gotten the “Cape May crud”…..yay me. I’m fight the good fight thought. Lots of water and pushing vitamin C. So time will tell. 

oh forearm plank…you will NOT defeat me!

Being under the weather didn’t stop me from working out. I woke up and did Pilates Fix and packed a bag to run at work. I figured I’d run a couple miles and call it good. I went so far as to start changing at lunch only to realize I forgot a sports bra. Oh well, maybe it was a sign I shouldn’t run. Ha….no. 

I ran 3 miles around the neighborhood. The first 2 were ok and I kept a 9:00 minute pace, the last 1 mile really wore me down. I felt like I had someone sitting on my chest so I took it slow. I finished in 27:46 and then came in and did Upper Body Fix. My theory is if I do a little more today I won’t feel bad if I take it easy tomorrow. 

Wearing blue for Autism Awareness Day

I’m over halfway through week 3 of 21 Day Fix. I love it! I truly do. I find myself looking forward to working out everyday. I’ve gotten accustomed to the eating plan too. I tried my hand at making black beans as my carb…’s ok. I’d honestly be perfectly ok eating brown rice every single day. This weekend I’ll be making the Sweet Potato Turkey Shepherds Pie though which I am super excited about. 

I’ve been pondering the idea of becoming a Beach Body coach these last couple weeks. I love fitness and I love helping people become a better version of themselves. Plus I have nine and a half years left in the Coast Guard and would love to have something already going to just kind of jump fully into once I retire. I also think I have a lot to offer as far as tips and knowledge. I’ve been on the fitness bandwagon for over ten years and it truly is a lifestyle that I never want to give up. I think my mind is made up at this point, I just want to wait till after May to take my advancement test before I commit. 

I am super happy that spring is hopefully here to stay. When I saw this post I felt like it summed up my emotions about spring finally arriving. 8 Thoughts Every Runner Has On The First Spring Run….I imagine all of us who’ve been hammered with snow and cold will agree!

Until next time!



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