Happy Easter!

I’ve  taken the last couple days to rest and recover. Friday was supposed to be a rest day anyways as far as running goes and I stuck to it. It was easy since I felt pretty cruddy and it was raining. I did two 21 Day Fix workouts and called it good. Dosed myself with some cold medicine and hung out on the couch after work. 

I had grand plans for my Saturday. I was going to work out, then do a double yoga class. I woke up with a headache and still not feeling good. I did the Dirty 30 workout and decided I was done. I’m pretty stubborn about truly taking a day off. In three weeks I’ve taken days off from running but no days completely off. Yesterday wasn’t totally off but it was closer than I’ve come in a very long time. I decided it was a Hulu kind of day. I was tempted a few times throughout the day to get up and run, just because the sun was out. Then I would hear the wind howling and think better. The only thing I did that would be considered productive was binge watch five different shows that I had slacked on watching and had multiple episodes in the queue. I feel pleased with this accomplishment.  

I did go and stock up on some frozen fruit and kale and spinach. I’ve become a little obsessed with smoothies. In the past I’ve shied away from them because bananas and avocados are typically the base. I am allergic to both of them and while I love the taste I’d prefer not to be huddled over in pain for four to five hours after I eat them.  Thankfully I have a friend through yoga who is doing a 30 Day Smoothie challenge and my eyes have been opened! I’m excited about all the possibilities that I had never thought of before. Yesterday I found out that dates, kale, and strawberries with some coconut water is delicious. I’m going to branch out and try raspberries and some Greek yogurt too. I think I will most likely start alternating smoothies and juices everyday just so I don’t spend so much time prepping for juicing. 

I woke up this morning a little after six, the puppy was awake and I didn’t see the point in ignoring her. I got up and took her out, and I don’t think I can accurately describe how it felt outside. It was quiet except for the birds, the sky was that pretty mix blues and pinks. It was perfect, I could still see the moon and I immediately wished I’d brought my phone out to take a picture. Though to be honest I don’t think a photo would have captured it. 

I felt a little better, actually a lot better so I decided today was the day I was going to get up and go. I went to yoga this morning. It was a great class, except for the head rush sensation I experienced off and on. I think it was just residual cold medicine, pretty sure I sweat it all out. That and the fact that I haven’t been in six days made for a challenging class. Every time I felt like I needed to sit, I took a deep slow breath and regained my composure. It’s amazing what the ability of breathing calmly for you. This may be the biggest thing I’ve been over to transfer directly over to running. I never find myself gasping for air and when I used to wear a heart rate monitor while running the BPM were rarely more than 150, even I was moving at a quick pace. I know that’s all yoga. 

I’m finally able to see a difference in my body!!

I came home from yoga and lounged for a bit on the couch and then decided it was as good a time as any to run. After two days off it felt good to go through the process of preparing to run. I headed out the door and just ran. My training plan said six miles. I ran down towards where my long run usually take me, I haven’t run down there since the weather finally got nice. It felt funny and almost new to me since everything looked so different. So different that I had a moment or two where I thought I had turned down the wrong road. Nope, I just hadn’t seen it not covered with snow and mud for the last two months. The first 4 miles were easy, I kept around a 9:00 minute pace, then what’s left of this cold reared it head and I struggled. I finished in a little over 55 minutes so not too shabby. My shoes still feel great although I did have to stop and tie them a little tighter. My calves were extremely tight during the run, but I am wondering if that’s because these shoes have adjusted my stride a bit so I’m just getting used to the new footfall. A quick ten minutes with my foam roller and massage stick did the trick and they feel just fine now. 


Today was prep day for my meals this week. So for about four hours I prepped and cooked. I began with juice and made three juice. Carrot apple lemon ginger cucumber, always a winner. Then I moved on to acorn squash. Typically I am always struggling cutting them in half. These two sliced easily. It must be all this strength training 😉. On top of acorn squash I made my steel cut oats and brown rice. I thought I’d be getting tired of the oats by now, but I’m a creature of habit and these taste good. 

For a protein I decided it was time for ground turkey. I decided on this Skinny Turkey Meatloaf, mainly, because it looked really quick and easy. Plus I had a think of stuffing mix I didn’t see me using any time soon. I did tweak it a little bit by adding some yellow mustard and instead of using a loaf pan I used a muffin tin. Much easier for portion control, one meatloaf is one red. How much easier can you get? It was delicious and my boyfriend even went back for a second one. Score one for me! I froze half of them for a later time. Now I will have something quick and easy to grab on nights I don’t feel like cooking. Next time when I make it I will add chopped spinach and some Parmesan cheese and not cook it for so long. The recipe said 45-60 but since they are in muffin tins they more likely need 35 minutes. The meal as a whole was filling and tasted amazing. Plus it felt good to sit down. I’d been up and on my feet since noon and finally sat down around six. 




I only sat down long enough to eat though….then I was back at it. This time with the puppy in the back yard. Tonight we worked on sit and come. The balls and the treats did the trick for both. Although she didn’t always bring my a ball, occasionally she became distracted by a stick. 



She still came back to be every time. Another score for me. We are making progress! After a day with high winds stressing the two adult dogs out it was good to get them out and run.   Best part of all is the fact that they are all passed out right now. 

All in all a good weekend and more importantly a productive one. I’m looking forward to weighing myself and seeing what the grand total for weight loss on the first cycle of 21 Day Fix. This time I will be taking measurements as well now that I found a tape measure. 

Until next time!!



11 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

      1. Yeah! I think my Chihuahua would love to go running- every time I’ve gone on a mini run in the neighborhood she’s had the best time… though she’s faster and has much more endurance haha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha yeah… that does, doesn’t it? Thankfully Jynxie just runs… but Rusty (who isn’t very good at walking or running) is the marker haha slows down the rest of us definitely

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha yeah… that does, doesn’t it? Thankfully Jynxie just runs… but Rusty (who isn’t very good at walking or running) is the marker haha slows down the rest of us definitely!

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