Curbs are not my friend 

So yesterday was supposed to be a rest day but here in New Jersey is was sunny and seventy degrees. It was too nice to pass up!!

I ran a nice and easy three miles. I had forgotten how nice it was to run with the sun in your face and a nice breeze….not a gusty wind. I ignored my watch and just meandered along. My foot was a little sore but I think it was just from normal wear and tear. Nothing to worry about. 

My attempt at a “running selfie”

My legs were a little sluggish from the six the day before and the double  workout I previously. I did the Total Body Cardio Fix in the morning and Upper Body Fix after work. 

Today I had initially planned on taking as the rest day but after dropping my car off at the shop the forecasted rain still hadn’t appeared so I decided to run today. The next two days are supposed to be cold and rainy, gotta run in the good weather when I can. The run was going great, the humidity was a new twist but not overwhelming. I got about two and a half miles in and encountered a couple walking their dogs. I attempted to do the courteous thing and step off the sidewalk and go around them. That went well, it was the stepping back on that did me in. I half stepped on the curb and my left foot rolled out, I felt a pop and stopped cold. I stopped my watch, I am a runner after all, and sat on the curb for a second. I tentatively moved it around and I didn’t cry so I got up. I walked for a bit and then pushed forward. I was still a couple miles from the house and had to get back somehow. I finished my run with minimal pain and then completed Upper Body Fix for the day. Normally that would have been done this morning but I overslept a tad. 

My foot hurts but isn’t swollen or bruised so I’m thinking I just twisted it. I went to yoga hoping that might help, it didn’t hurt at least. Now I’m currently icing and elevating. I think I will take that rest day tomorrow though. 

Ice and my cuddle buddy

Tonight I made a new treat. I mixed one cup of frozen strawberries and three quarters of a cup of plain Greek yogurt. Along with a splash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of raw honey. I combined all the ingredients in my personal size cup that came with my ninja blender. Five minutes later I had a delicious treat that just needed to be chilled in the freezer for a bit. It was delicious! Next time I’ll try a combo of blueberries and strawberries and add lime instead. It’s nice to have a treat now and then.



Now I’m on a mission to find a recipe that I can use the ground chicken I’ve been saving for God knows how long in the freezer. Wish me luck!

Until next time!



6 thoughts on “Curbs are not my friend 

  1. That was so uncool for that curb to jump out and trip you like that. I’m glad to hear that is doesn’t appear to be too serious. Keep icing that puppy chica annnnnd I don’t mean your cuddle buddy I mean the ankle haha! 😛 You take the cutest selfies too by the way. That fruit and yogurt concoction you created sounds super yummy 🙂

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