Happy Thursday 

Well I took a mandatory rest day yesterday…..from running that is. I did manage to get in two 21 Day Fix workouts. The lower body fix and the total body cardio fix. My foot was sore, but not nearly as sore as it was when I had to cram it in a pair of combat boots. That sucked. 

It was a miracle I had the energy to do any workouts. I had a puppy who must have found something to eat that wasn’t meant to be eaten. I spent the night getting up every hour to take her out. Believe me, I’m grateful she woke me up. 

Today after a Pilates fix workout I dropped my puppy off to get spayed. The house was so quiet without her. My other two dogs lounged about like complete bums. 


I decided to try a run. First off let me say. It is utter crap that I had to wear full length pants, a long sleeve shirt and an additional layer on top! It’s April already….and it was cold. That horrible damp cold that seeps in and keeps you chilled for hours. I ran anyways. My foot is still sore and I have a small bruise on the side of my foot, but not so much so that it caused concern. If I wiggle it around it sends a twinge of pain….obviously I just won’t do that. I stuck to 3 miles since that was my run planned for the training plan. Plus I had to go and pick up my baby from the vet. I started off slow, and gradually picked up the pace. I found myself being more cautious and aware of dips and rises in the sidewalk. I did not need another mishap. I ran negative splits. Mile 1 9:24 mile 2 9:05 and mile 3 8:47. I felt pretty good when I finished except that my darn hands were so cold I couldn’t make my fingers work. All in all a good run. 


I’ll  take tomorrow as a rest day since my foot is hurting a bit now, but I’m not surprised. I was on my feet a fair amount. I took advantage of a puppy free home and did some housework and organized the cabinets in my kitchen. 

I decided on a ground chicken recipe. Chicken Burgers with Cheddar and Spinach. I went and got the ingredients I didn’t already have. I was excited about trying these since the pictures looked amazing. Unfortunately I forgot the panko crumbs. I thought I could improvise and used some rolled outs and flaxseed meal. I will be honest, they were not good. So not good I threw all of it away. I was disappointed, but I can’t love every recipe. I think the thing I disliked was the soy sauce. It’s not my thing I guess. Oh well that’s what they make protein shakes for. 

I am currently halfway through week one in the second round of 21 Day Fix. My weigh in Monday ended the three weeks with me losing 6 pounds. I’m more than happy with that number since it’s over halfway to my goal weight. On top of that April in the semi-annual weigh-in month for the Coast Guard and I weighed in at 23 pounds under my max allowable weight! 


Resting peacefully after a pain pill

I can’t wait to reach my goal weight and do some much needed shopping!!!

Until next time!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Thursday 

  1. I remember when that style uniform first came out (different pants) with the sewn-on chevrons and how so many of us complained, pissed and moaned about them. Getting rid of our chambray shirts, iron on chevrons and dungarees 🙂 was a big deal to a lot of Coasties. Dating myself a little bit. The work blues look good, I get to see them on the TV every so often, still brings out a lot of pride from an old fart.

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