Morning Runs

So as the weather has begun warming I have the chance to run and different times of the day. This is one of my favorite things about this time of year, you can run any time day or night and the temperatures are always perfect. 

I have had a weird running week. Monday was a great run, another sunny day with a nice breeze. Even though it was a ‘rest day’ I chose to run. It worked out since Tuesday sucked, it was rainy and cloudy.  Wednesday was another perfect weather day, I was working nights that day so I ran in the afternoon. I had a great run, maintaining a decent pace for 4 plus miles. I followed it with a 21 Day Fix workout and called it good. 


Gotta rep the USCG occasionally 😉

Wednesday night I talked my coworker and running buddy into doing a couple21 Day Fix workouts. I chose Pilates and the Cardio Fix, mainly because no weights were needed. Later that day he texted me to say his legs and hips were not working properly and his abs hated him. I told him it was like that for me the first week too. 

My run Thursday sucked. The only positive thing I can say about it was that I did it. I got off at 6am Thursday morning and only slept about an hour and a half. I decided to go to the noontime yoga class and then get a quick run in. From the start I was miserable…..I was thirsty. The shorts I had on were chafing me and for that matter, so was the damn tank top I was wearing. I did a loop  so I didn’t have any choice but to finish. There was a lot of walking and adjusting of clothes that did no good whatsover. I learned that clearly I need more sleep prior to running. I will not be repeating this mistake.



  Since my run Thursday sucked so much I stuck to my schedule and took yesterday as a mandatory running rest day.  Today I woke up early, especially for a weekend, 0530. I almost decided to sleep in, but my conscience got the best of me so up I got. I had forgotten how much I love running in the morning!! The air is so peaceful and with no one on the streets and few cars I can pretend I have the world to myself. If only for a few miles. I ran 4.3 miles and loved every step. I am a morning runner at heart, it clears my head and is the best way to get the day off on the right foot. I finished in time to eat quickly and rehydrate, then off to yoga. I did the Dirty30 workout when I got home, I’m proud to say I increased the heavy weights to 10 pounds for all the exercises that called for heavy, this is a 4 pound increase for me. I did more today before noon than some people will do all weekend. 



I am closing in on the last week in my second cycle of 21 Day Fix, I feel better than I have felt in such a long time. Both phsyically and mentally. I have lost 13 pounds now and for the first time in 10 plus years I am below 130 pounds. This was completely unexpected and I wasn’t even trying to get to that weight. I will have to increase my calories soon, since I am going to start seriously training for my 24 hour race in July. Last year while training for my 12 hour race, I struggled to get enough food in me everyday and this year I am actually doing a lot of strength training as well. I see this being a challenge, and will probably take a week or two to get adjusted.  My goal is to not eat empty calories like I did last year, last year it was wine and cheese. I haven’t touched alcohol in 5 weeks now, but I think I can safely have a glass of wine now and then and it won’t undo my hard work. 

Until next time!!



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