Happy Tuesday!

So I had my long run on Sunday and it was great. I ran 8.5 miles and felt like I could have run more, but I knew increasing my distance by 2 miles in just one week might be asking too much of my body. So I was wise and stuck to my plan. I listened to my audio book, I have been trying to finish it for what seems like forever so I figured I could knock out a good hour with my run. 

 I have been getting a lot of questions on a Facebook page I frequently post on about my hat. The white one I wear that is tattered and more of an icky brownish color in some spots. I have had that hat forever, I bought it at Ross in Key West. I desperately needed something to wear while running to keep the sun that seemed to always seemed to be shining directly in my eyes. So I have had this hat since 2006. Almost ten years! I have a couple other ballcaps for running, but this is the one I always reach for. It fits perfectly, and we have a history. It has seen me run some great miles and some God awful ones and it has always been there for me. I guess you could say it is my favorite piece of running gear. I have had people tell me to throw it away, that it’s old and needs to be replaced. Until I find one that fits me as well as this one I will keep wearing it, I will probably still wear it even if I get another. Until it starts falling apart I will not retire it. 

So yesterday was my rest day, and finally it was a rainy day that just screamed DON’T RUN! So I didn’t. I did Total Body Cardio Fix before work. On my lunch break I switched it up and did 20 on the elliptical and 20 on the spin bike. The base has a small gym there so it’s nice to have it as an option on rainy days. I did happen to find myself next to a chatty retiree. I’ve never been able to understand people that want to spend the whole time on a cardio machine talking. Especially when the person you are trying to strike up a conversation with has headphones in! It’s not that I’m not friendly, it’s just that when I am on the bike or elliptical I am usually pushing myself which means I just don’t have the energy or focus to talk. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me though.      

Today I had initially planned on running before work, I set my alarm for 0520 and had my clothes set out and ready to go. Of course, I didn’t take into consideration thunderstorms at midnight.. Between two of the three dogs having a melt down and my headache I gave up on the early morning run idea. For about two hours I had a little dog pacing the bed panting and shaking and big dog sitting next to the bed growling and whining. Thankfully the puppy stayed silent. 

I did manage to get my run in, just later in the day. I had planned between 5-6 miles. It was perfect running weather, sunny and just a little warm. I was just a tad chilly starting out. I started off at a good pace, everything felt good. Legs were great, feet didn’t hurt and I wasn’t experiencing any wardrobe malfunctions. I decided to run along the waterfront for a bit, since it was so nice. I made my turn left at what I think might be the neverending light. I think I stood there waiting for a solid two minutes, I finally took a chance and ran. Then got stuck waiting on the median. I made a mental note to either not try and turn at this road or cross the street sooner. After that it was smooth sailing.  A slight incline for a bit and then it flattened out some. I am an obessive watch checker. I saw that close to 3 miles in I was running negative splits. I decided to stick to 5 miles, but push hard the last 2. It paid off, I kept up the negative splits and my last mile was just seven seconds shy of being a whole minute faster than my first. It was such a great run, and I am so pleased that I pushed myself. 



I signed up for another race tonight….I know, I might have a problem!! This is a 5K on Mother’s Day and after reading the cause that my money was going to I knew I would do it. The story touched my heart and I decided I had to run the race. The race is called Race To Neverland and proceeds go to help two little girls who lost their mother to MS and are now orphans. The two moved from South Carolina to lived with an aunt and uncle they never met here in New Jersey. I cannot fathom losing my mother now, let alone at such a young age. So I know what I will be doing Mother’s Day morning, after I call and wish my mother a happy Mother’s Day. 

A few weeks back I went a little crazy and bought a bunch of new running tank tops. This one may be my new favorite.

Tomorrow is speed work day….ugh! I will be forcing my butt out of bed early to run, so there had better not be any storms. I need a good night sleep!!!

Until next time!!




10 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. Definitely don’t get rid of the hat until the day it physically can’t be worn anymore! (Then give it a place of honor with your awards and misc running memorabilia lol) sometimes you just have to have precious items 🙂

    That’s so awesome you’re doing that run- what a great cause!


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