A busy week

This week has been hectic, which I don’t really mind. I would rather be busy than bored out of my mind any day of the week.  I logged close to 30 miles this week which is good, since I’m sticking to the gradual increase that will keep me from getting hurt or burnt out. 

Wednesday I did my first speed work run. I got up early and drove to Cooper River Park, since they have a nice quarter mile track. I decided since it was my first go at speed work I shouldn’t get all crazy. I did a mile warmup then began speedwork. My nemisis….I hate it. With a passion. I did 4×400 sprints with 4×400 recovery in between. I was able to run between 7:15 and 7:45 for the sprints and about 8:40 for the recovery. I finished with a mile cool down and headed to work. I did a total of 4.2 miles in 37 minutes.It felt great! I think I may end up liking speedwork! 

So one of the cool things about being in Philadelphia is the opportunity to go to Phillies games. I love baseball…I am a Red Sox fan but my love of baseball is enough that I’ll suffer through the occasional Phillies game if I have to. Especially if the tickets are free, and good seats down near the 3rd base line.

The game was painful to watch, but watching it with good people makes it better. Plus I got two new hats. A Phillies hat and a Red Sox hat. We left after the end of 7th inning. After a balk and another run scored by the Marlins I gave up. 

The next day our office had gotten free tickets to go  the 1pm game. I had to run that morning again, which is fine with me, as I’ve said before I love running in the morning. I do not, however, like running in the morning when it is almost May and in the 40s with wind chills in the 30s. Especially when I brought a tank top and capris. Yes I am an idiot….I knew the forecast, I was too lazy to get my winter clothes out of storage.  I think this kept me moving at a faster than normal pace, I ran the entire 6 miles at a sub 9 minute pace! It was either the cold or my new Red Sox hat…..maybe a combination of the two. I am not complaining though. I ran all the way to the Schuykill River from the Delaware River and did it in 50:27. I was so cold when I finished that mastering my phone was a challenge. It was such a great run, I felt like I easily could have run another mile or two. 


We all left work and headed to the Phillies game around 1130,  we went to the bar first and I had my first beer in almost two months. It. Was. Delicious!!!!! I chose the Victory Stormking Stout, and I loved every single amazing sip. Someone told me I shouldn’t have stouts since it’s spring time, I figure since it is still cold out it’s still acceptable. 

The game was another blowout, Marlins 9 Phillies 1….I don’t know what is going on with the Phillies. They need to make some changes. Until then I will keep on taking the free tickets they are so willing to hand out to the Coast Guard. 

Today was my first 5K of the year. The Sandy Superhero Sprint in Philadelphia. It was a great race! I would have liked it to be about oh 10 degrees warmer but it wasn’t horrible. There was a decent crowd. The email said around 4,000 people were expected to be there. I’m not sure there were that many, but it was a good turnout. It was cool, since people dressed up as superheroes and brought their dogs. I am already planning on doing this next year with Addie. 

Last night, before I went to bed I decided I should get my clothes set out and ready for the morning. In the process of gathering everything I realized I couldn’t located my Garmin watch. I did the mad dash around my house trying to find it. No such luck. I just got my car back from the shop so I thought maybe I had forgotten it in my rental car. I sent a quick email to the service center asking them to look for it. I have the Map My Run app on my phone but I like my watch. I ran my race today with my phone and I am not sure if that helped or not. I kind of wish I had my watch because I think I could have pushed myself a lot harder if I had known what my pace had been throughout the race. Oh well, I had negative splits! My average was pace was under 8 minutes. This is a firt for me! I can’t explain how excited I am about this. My friend Kathy finished just a few minutes behind me and I’m hoping this race reminded her why she loved running. We both did well, I placed 7th and she 45th out of 755 women….not too shabby! 

After the race I went by the service center where I had dropped off my rental car, hoping and praying my watch had been found. It had not….I was so bummed. I didn’t want to have to buy another watch. I went home, looked quickly around the house one more time. I still didn’t find it, so I got on Amazon.com and placed an order for a new Garmin watch. I called my mom and was telling her how I thought it must have been stolen. I was so sad, and a little spiteful…wishing misfortune on whomever might have taken it. I told my mom I still hoped that it would turn up, especially now that I had ordered a replacement. Guess what…..I picked up a magazine and TADA! There was my watch. Thank God I can cancel orders on Amazon. 


  I finished up my morning with a Bikram yoga class and a 21 Day Fix workout. My final week ends on Monday. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve changed in just six weeks. Not just on the outside, I feel better all around. I will finish off the month doing these workouts and starting May 1st I will begin P90X3. I will stick to the 21 Day Fix eating plan since the one that goes with P90X seems very complicated. 

Until next time!!



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