Today’s run is sponsored by…..


Today’s run was great. I wasn’t really expecting it to be, my runs after a rest day can by kinda funky. This was not. I picked a good time to run, around 1030. It was warm, but with the breeze it felt perfect. I have come to the conclusion that April is my month when it comes to running. This may all be in my head though.

My only goal today was to run 5 miles. I didn’t have a game plan, I began running down Columbus Blvd, the wind got on my nerves though so I headed down Market St. I actually ran down a few roads I haven’t before in Philly. Before I knew it I was down by Franklin Square. I had to stop and take a picture of the sculpture I see every morning as I drive to work.  It is just odd and I know it symbolizes something but for the life of me I can’t remember what. 


I  was really loving the sights and sounds and most of the smells. There are some amazing food carts andthey smell delicious.  I ran through Chinatown and by Reading Terminal. 

I wasn’t really checking my watch too often. I was just enjoying being outside. I actually enjoy running on sidewalks that have a lot of foot traffic, its distracting and keeps me on my toes. The worst part of my run was actually when I turned down a road where they must have been resurfacing the pavement. Ugh….horrible, I sped up a bit just to get away from the stench. I finished up my 5 miles just under 45 minutes and felt great. I honestly tried to rein it in a bit since I have a 10 mile race on Sunday.

This run was a great follow up to my 10 mile run on Sunday. I don’t know what I am doing differently, but I am pleased with my running lately. I wish I knew exactly what it was that has changed that way I could make sure I kept it up. 

I am officially done with my second round of 21 Day Fix and lost a total of 13.5 pounds. This is amazing to me! I was only trying to lose about 8 pounds to begin with. I finally feel like I have found the eating plan that works for me. Saturday I decided to have a slice of my boyfriend’s pizza. It was a let down. I guess that is a good sign, at least I know I won’t binge eat a whole pizza. Then today I had a Rolo candy, it was horrible! Tasted like chemicals, I spit it out. I’ll stick to my watermelon and apples from now on.

I did a test run with one of the P90X3 workouts. I have the Beachbody On Demand so I streamed the CVX workout. I found Tony a little annoying but loved the workout. I can’t wait to officially start on Monday. I need to pick up some resistance bands this weekend though. I’m in the planning stages of creating a workout spot in my basement. So I have a lot to research and buy. Not gonna go crazy, but I need some floor mats, a DVD player and an Apple TV for down there. First I will have to do some major cleaning. This is probably why I have been postponing it.

Until next time!



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