Happy Wednesday

There are days that all runners wake up and think ‘ugh, I am just not feeling it today’. Today was one of those days in all aspects. I had a tough run yesterday thanks to the humidity which I haven’t gotten used to yet. Then I followed that up with getting my tetanus shot. For some reason the guy practically gave me the injection in my armpit and while I’m not a medical professional I know that’s not the right spot. Oh well, not much could be done. Now it’s been 10 years since my last one, and I was in boot camp for that so maybe I blocked out some of the pain. I don’t know, all I know is that within the hour it was hurting and by the time I went to bed it was worse. I guess I could have taken something, but I’m stubborn. So I tossed and turned and every time I moved it hurt enough to wake me up. I woke up grumpy and with a headache. 

I am in my first week of 21 Day Fix Extreme so all the workouts are new which makes them a challenge. Add to that my arm hurting and Pilates was a struggle. Twice I almost stopped the DVD and gave up. I knew I would kick myself if I did so I pushed through and survived. 

I guess I was experiencing some of the other common side effects of the shot so I spent the morning at work miserable and finally called it quits around 1PM. My plan was to go home and take a nap, I hoped that this would fix all my issues. Well a nap and tylenol. I am pleased to say it did. I felt ok enough to get a run in even though my brain was still trying to work on some excuses for why I shouldn’t. Thankfully I am really good at tuning my brain out. 

Today was a tempo run, and I immediately started out too fast, or I should say it felt too fast. Really I was only going like a 9:10 pace. I tried to slow it down for the first half mile and do a legitimate warmup. I’m not a fan of warmups and cooldowns but my past few months with 21 Day Fix have shown me how important they actually are. Plus they work. After my warmup I picked up the pace and ran sub 9s the rest of the run. My last mile was 7:55. I finally feel like the speed work and tempo runs are having an effect! I ran 4 miles in 33:24 and felt great afterwards.

I had another race on Sunday and I ran it smack dab in the middle of my long run. I ran 6 miles then an hour later ran a 5K then topped it off with another 4 miles. Ugh let me tell you, it was so humid. Like 71% humidity, it didn’t matter how much I drank I was sweating like a madwoman. The race I ran was the Race To Neverland 5K, it was small but well organized. I think there was maybe 50 people running total. Of course there were like 3 or 4 that were like real runners. You could just tell by the look of them. When the horn blew that was pretty much the last I saw of them. I did pretty well time wise, 26:49. I did manage to come in 1st place for my age group and 3rd overall for women. Not too shabby, more importantly the race was for a good cause which made it even more fun.

I’m halfway through week 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme, and I am here to tell you it is a step up in intensity! I love it though and now that I have my Shakeology I feel like I am ready to take on any challenge that may come my way! I’m sure I’l have more to say about the program but I have an early early morning tomorrow so I am off to bed soon.

Until next time!!



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