Where did May go??

I admit, I’ve been slacking. In my defense I have been extremely busy with work and life in general. As far as work goes I’ve spent the last few weeks in mad preparation for a Change Of Command. My job most days is pretty dull and routine, but this month has been hectic. I feel like May just began and it’s almost over. Oh well, I like it when I’m busy.

My race training for the #in24 race in July is in full force. In 11 days I’ve ran close to 38 miles. I need to start doubling up on my runs at least once a week so my legs can be prepared for the race. This past Sunday my friend woke up even earlier than I did to meet me at my house at six a.m., yes we are a little crazy. Honestly though, with the humidty hovering around 80% I knew if we were going to log the miles we needed to do it early. So off we went. The benefit to running that early is that you have the roads to yourself. We kept an easy pace of about 9:45 a mile and logged the first 11 easily. I somehow lucked out on the route we picked because there was a McDonald’s at about the halfway point. We were able to make a quick pit stop. Well, not so quick, literally peeling wet clothes and gear off just to go pee is time consuming. I almost apoligized to the poor guy cleaning the bathrooms, I had left sweat puddles all  over the ladies bathroom. It was about that time I started to wonder if I had perhaps not hydrated enough. I began drinking the water from my fuel belt with a little more purpose.  Around mile 11 I really started to struggle. I was starting to cramp up and on top of that I wasn’t sure but either my sock had worn through to skin on the bottom of my big toe or I had a doozy of blister. I don’t know which one I was hoping for. We walked off and on as we neared my neighborhood. We tried to reason that this was actually a really wise way to cool down. Not sure if this was the case, but it was what I needed to do to finish. Finally my house was in sight, of course we had to run past it to get an even 14 miles. If this has never happened to you, try to keep it that way. There is nothing worse than seeing your house towards the end of long run and passing it. It’s a torture, like passing your car on a loop and thinking, I could just stop right now. The important thing is that we finished. I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off, and change out of the sweaty clothes. He and I planned on going to a Bikram yoga class at 10. That meant we had to start rehydrating as soon as we walked in the house. I was definitely dehydrated, I drank 6 16 ounce glasses of water and didn’t have to pee for 2 hours. This is usually something I manage to avoid, and I know how it happened. I was worried if I drank too much I’d have to pee. I refuse to pee in the woods and to be honest there really isn’t any woods around here, my luck a cop would have driven by mid pee. If I had remembered the McDonald’s I wouldn’t have been so worried. Lesson learned though. Also my sock was still intact, this just meant I had a wicked blister that covered the entire bottom of my big toe, no this is not an exaggeration, and it hurt like a bitch. Yoga, however was the perfect way to work out all the cramps and tight muscles after a long run. My friend Allister is hooked, which makes me happy. Everyone should love yoga as much as me. 



I was sure I wouldn’t be able to run for a couple days thanks to the blister on my toe, but I ran anyways on Monday. Not much of a run, I did my Plyo Fix Extreme that morning and then knocked out 1.5 miles that afternoon. I had planned on doing more, but my toe was sore so I figured any miles were better than none. I ran again on Tuesday, once in the morning, an easy four. Then again in the afternoon, a not so easy two. The humidity was awful, my legs didn’t want to cooperate and I spent the bulk of the run walking.  I ran again on Wednesday and then again today. By far the best run this week was today. 

I had a Change of Command this morning that I somehow got “volunteered” for doing honor platoon. While this wasn’t the end of the world since I had to be there anyways, it did involve standing at either parade rest or the position of attention for about an hour. My foot hurt a lot, almost enough to make me worry that I would not be able to run today.  Thankfully as soon as I changed out my foot felt considerably better. I decided to take the chance to run at Kelly Drive. I love runing there, but I hate driving over there, it’s such a short distance but takes so long with all the traffic. Since I got off work early today I decided why  not make the drive. It was so worth it, I ran an easy four miles with a half mile sprint at the end. I loved every single step. I felt so alive and I loved seeing so many people out and enjoying this day. There were runners, walker and bikers. The only issue I had was the one biker who clearly didn’t undertand what the arrows painted on the path meant,  I’m assuming this because he was riding his bike directly towards me on my side of the path. I had to stop quickly and almost fell forward. I continued on and finished my run with no more close calls. 

I plan on spending the rest of my day relaxing and no run for me tomorrow since I have a tough race on Sunday. The Charlie Horse Half. This course is a tough one, and I only have two goals. To finish without an injury and to do better than my 2:57 time I had last year. Wish me luck!!!

Until next time!!



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