It’s been too long 

So I know I’ve been slacking, ok let’s be honest. I’ve been absent. I swear it’s the sunshine and warm temperatures. I can’t be expected to stay inside if I don’t have to.  
I’ve still been running, perhaps more so than before. In May during the Runner’s World Run Streak I began running and I haven’t stopped. The streak goes from Memorial Day to Fourth of July. I kept going. In Maine on vacation I ran every day. The weather was too perfect. I’ve still been running everyday and most days it’s been at least three miles. 

I went to Maine for the Fourth of July and loved every second. I mean it’s my home, more so than anywhere I’ve ever lived. I found hills to run and was able to run by the lake where we  stayed near. Plus when it’s 55 degrees in the morning you run, even if it’s supposed to be a rest day. 

On July 18th I ran in the Stroehmann Back On My Feet In24 challenge. We only had a team of three, the other teams had four and five. I can’t even begin to describe the amazingness of the whole experience. It was a hot weekend and the sun and humidity were out in full force. When you’re running and you are seeing people out there who have been running nonstop for so long it just pushes you to keep moving forward. I ran the second loops amongst our three people. My second loop, which began around 130 in the afternoon sucked. There are no other ways to describe it. It was hot, the sun was beating down on me and I was pissed off and disgruntled. I kept moving. It ended up being my slowest loop. I was texting friends telling them I didn’t like this race and other such nonsense. The all told me to keep going, so I did. The next three loops were in the dark, which brought a whole different set of issues. First of all, yes I’m a solitary runner but damn, when it’s dark out and you have been running off and on since 10 am some company would be freaking awesome. I loved the volunteers, especially the man I encountered who thanked me for running. I believe he was someone who had been helped first hand by the Back On My Feet organization which touched my heart in a way I can’t put to words. His appreciation kept me moving on my final loop Sunday morning when I was blistered and chaffed and ready to walk the rest. He reminded me why I run and specifically why I wanted to run this race. Our team ran a combined total of 118 miles. I ran five loops, equaling out to 42 miles. Our team came in second place! I learned a few things about myself on that run. I learned that if I’m tired enough I can sleep anywhere, including the grass. I learned that no matter how hot I am I still don’t like cold showers. They suck. I learned that I am a much stronger person than I had ever thought.  My last two miles I spent on the verge of tears. I was so tired but amped up at the same time. It might have delirium or sheer exhaustion. 


Since the race I’ve still been running. Even the very next day. It was only a mile and half, and a slow slow one at that. I just knew I’d feel better if I got out and ran. I fared the 24 hour race better than the 12 hour in Sloppy Cuckoo but I approached it differently. I had a couple blisters and some chafing but that’s about it. 

I don’t have any races until the 29th of this month. This is a Warrior Dash so it’s all fun and mud. The beer and food. The perfect combo. I have to admit my streak is probably coming to a close.  I’m on day 82, I’d like to make it to 100. Which is a possibility since my 12 hour race the Sloppy Cuckoo I was planning on doing September 28th has been pushed back to October 11th thanks to the impending visit by the Pope. This puts it awfully close to the Marine Corps Marathon but dammit. I’m going for it!!!

I’m beat, it’s been a long day since I woke up before 4am to get a run in before I did my 12 hour workday.  So….until next time!!!


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