New Year. New Goals. 

So I know, to say it’s been awhile would be a major understatement. I could list a lot of reasons or “excuses” but I won’t waste your time or mine. I’ve still been running and working out and all that other jazz. I officially completed 1,453 miles in 2015. I ran 3 half marathons, finally getting a PR while runnjng the Philly Half. Which I must add is an awesome course and is a must run if you’re ever in the Philadelphia area. I ran my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, which was a struggle. 

It’s a new year though, I have new goals. I want to run at least 1,500 miles this year. I have plans for several races. I will be running  the Rutgers Unite Half in April. I debated long and hard about running another half in Philadelphia, but with the likelihood of me transferring this coming summer I decided it was time to run a New Jersey half marathon. I will also be running the Hot Chocolate 15K for no other reason than I love chocolate. I have a couple other smaller races I am planning on running as well. Plus I will be heading back to Wagonhouse Winery for the ten miler in May. I am currently recruiting people, so if you’re in the south jersey area and you are looking for a fun cheap race in May this is the one for you! Plus there is wine at the end!!! So check out The 10 Miler if you’re interested.  My final race most likely in this area will be the Dirty German Endurance Fest. I have done the Sloppy Cuckoo twice and the race coordinator is great and he puts on this race. Right now the debate is between the 50K and the 50 Miler. Decisions decisions. The rest for the year truly depends on whether or not I’m here or somewhere new and fun. Hopefully I’ll know more soon!!
Until next time!



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