Never Miss A Monday…..

I worked all weekend, doing the 12 hour watch thing. I’m fortunate that now that the cold weather has settled in it’s typically a quiet watch. This means I can scour the web for cool recipes and other random nonsense….that is if it’s not blocked by the good old Coast Guard.

Last night I desperately needed something to keep me from falling asleep….I was trapped in a room with football fans 😐

So I began looking for a meal planner….I saw quite a few on a variety of sites but nine that really worked for me. I needed something simple and straightforward. Then a light bulb came on….I can do this myself. 

A couple hours later I had created this……TADA!!!!

I know me, and I know without a plan I kind of just flit around. I make snap decisions about meals based on my mood and honestly sometimes laziness. I like to cook and meal prepping is something I actually enjoy. So following the 21 Day Fix container plan I created a menu for the next two weeks. The first two weeks I’m pretty much sticking with recipes I’m familiar with but my goal is to try a new recipe once a week starting in January. It’s time I put all the hours of pinning to use. 

So after a quick nap and a quick two miler with Addie (I’m doing the holiday run streak, day 5 already) I went to the grocery store to get all my ingredients. Of course I came home with things I did not need, nothing bad though! Which I consider a check in the win column. 

Today I took a couple hours and made Unstuffed Cabbage, Turkey Meatloaf, Egg Muffins, Steel Cut Oats, something new for a starch, cracked freekah. It looked interesting and I wanted a change from my go to brown rice. I also found some frozen riced cauliflower which I’m super excited about trying in fried rice. 

I have more to make tomorrow but for now it’s time to relax. My body is sore from the combination of MMA Plyo, Hot Barre (which kicked my ass, literally) and a quick run. Day one of getting back on track and I survived and with no hiccups. 
Until next time!


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